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I’m Douglas Vaghetti, I write about programming and tech in general.

"You Don't Need to Trust Science Because You Can Test It." - but Can You?

Consider TV weather forecasts – Every day, someone will show up in your television and give you a prediction of what the weather is going to be like in your area over the next couple of days. Everyone knows weather forecasting is never 100% accurate. Sometimes it says it will rain, and it doesn’t. But they’ll mostly get it right so people listen to what the weather forecast says because it is useful....

April 10, 2022 · Douglas Vaghetti

We need platform regulation

It’s an everyday thing at this point. Amazon abused its position as a platform to use third party seller data to compete against them. Apple abuses its position as an application platform to compete with Spotify and other streaming services. YouTube abuses its position as a video platform banning content producers without offering any recourse. The list goes on. In a more traditional business, such as a factory, you have a set of suppliers that sell you goods you need, like steel and machinery....

April 7, 2022 · Douglas Vaghetti

Do blogs still matter?

I started this personal blog a bit more than a month ago. It has been a really interesting experiment. Some posts even made it to the front page of hacker news. Google analytics tells me this blog had about 46 thousand page views across all posts! Even with way more views than I was expecting, it’s been really hard to convert these viewers into a more regular following for the blog....

March 27, 2022 · Douglas Vaghetti

Marketers are censoring journalism and everyone is just fine with it

The internet can’t seem to get tired of complaining about how bad modern journalism is. There are lots of reasons for this perceived loss of quality, but there is one that I find specially worrisome that I don’t think is mentioned often enough: Modern journalism is being censored by marketing departments. How things were before Journalism has always been at least partially funded by advertising. But advertisers didn’t have as much power at least until digital advertising became a thing....

March 19, 2022 · Douglas Vaghetti

Seeking That Sweet Sweet Vim Joy

Text editors are a funny piece of software. They are undeniably important. You can’t write any code without them1. Text editors are like the software engineer equivalent of a hammer for a woodworker: not the only tool we use, but one we’ll certainly use a lot during our entire careers. It would make sense, then, to invest as much time as possible trying to be as good as possible with text editors, right?...

March 13, 2022 · Douglas Vaghetti